How it works:
My webstore is basically an online catalog of products that I can make for you.

Almost all items in my store are handmade by me and made as they are ordered.
 There are turn around times on the majority of my items. Turn around times
are subject to change.

Before placing an order please understand that aside from Starrlight Jewelry
I also use my home as a sanctuary for special needs and disabled cats. I am an
orphan kitten foster mother and I have bottle babies in my home year round.
I am also a mom, a wife, a volunteer for local shelters when they are short
staffed or disaster strikes, and more.

Sometimes things in my life happen that require my full time and attention
and these things can add additional time to order turn around times.

Shopping And Privacy

As a shelter owner, a business owner and an online shopper myself I value
my privacy and I extend that curtsey to all my customers as well.
~To protect me, my animals, and my customers I only process online
payments through paypal~
Paypal collects all of your billing information but only shares with me
your email address and shipping address. All of your, and my, bank
 and card information is safeguarded by paypal. This way we are both
safe for payments and payment processing.
I have never, nor will I ever, sell, publicize, share or redistribute
your personal information, email address or any other information you
provide me via purchasing through my site.

"Turn Around"

Turn around is the time it takes me to make an item.

Some of my items are made completely by my hands,
including the metal components.

I announce the current times in my store front, on the cart and at check out.

Time sensitive orders can be expedited.
Please contact me or leave a note with your order at check out if you need your items by a certain date.

Return/Refund/Replacement  Policies

If you are unhappy with your purchase for whatever reason please
 feel free to contact me. I pride myself in good customer service and
I will be happy to work with you to resolve any issues that may arise.

Returns, exchanges, replacements or store credit will be
 given  under the following circumstances:

x) The postal service smashes your package! It is uncommon but
it does happen. In the event of something so unfortunate, please
mail the item(s) back to me and I will send replacements, if possible,
or give you store credit.

x) The post office losses your package. Even with tracking sometimes
packages disappear into the abyss. If your package does not reach you
please email me and alert me to the situation.
I will contact the post office and get an investigation under way and/or file a
complaint and send you a replacement.

x) If you order an item and you ordered the wrong size you are more
than welcome to return the item to me for customization. There is no
excess fee for shortening an item other than the cost of mailing it back
to me. However, adding length to certain items may cost additional

x) If you are ever unsure about a purchase you are more than welcome
to contact me for information on additional length costs for an item you
 are interested in or to request a custom item/item created with custom

Misusing paypal fraud/claims system voids all return, refund, replacement and exchange policies. Customer satisfaction means a lot to me, but I will not work with someone who is unwilling to be civil about their purchase.